Topics covered in seminars and workshops include
but are not limited to the following:

Wisdom Speaks

Discerning Her Voice in a Noisy World

In the world there are many voices.  Just  think of it, there are the voices of friends, family, neighbors, employers, teachers, and government officials are all vying for our attention.  Noise is everywhere we turn. How can we hear wisdom’s voice when at times we cannot hear our own?

Wisdom shouts in the street, she lifts her voice in the square. Proverbs 1:20

No one sets out in life to fail. No one puts failure on their bucket list. No one wants to be known as a failure. Yet a certain amount of failure is inevitable. Failure is not who we are, but merely an unfortunate situation through which we must walk; it is a circumstance, not an identity. We can choose to make set backs and mistakes a mere stepping stone to a successful and prosperous future.

Wisdom is the key to success. She has a voice.

Wisdom Speaks!

Effective Pastoral Care Ministry in the Local Church (PCM)

Pastoral care ministry benefits the church and its constituency, as well as the team members delivering the care. Personal spiritual growth, corporate body growth and healing for the hurting are just a few of the many benefits that can be gleaned from participation on a pastoral care team.

Topics covered in this teaching are:

  • The definition  and the history of PCM. body ministry,
  •  the benefits of PCM to the local body,
  • how church growth is facililtated by PCM, personal growth and leadership,
  • effective PCM and unity in the church,
  • community outreach,
  • qualifications for members of the PCM team, and much more.

What people are saying about this seminar?

“The result of this training is that it causes church growth by touching the congregation and the community through effective pastoral care.”

Pastor Anthony and Pastor Faye Thomas
Regency Christian Center International,
Care Ministry, Whittier Ca.


Understanding the Gifts of the Trinity

This is of course based upon my book “Treasures of the Heart”  the Gifts of the Trinity.  Some of the  subjects covered in this seminar are:  The Trinity, Spiritual Gifts, 5 Fold-Ministry Gifts, Motivational Gifts, and how the three sets of gifts work together.

Each person is a member of the body and has their place and purpose that benefits the body, but let one person get out of place and watch out!   It can cause problems for everyone, like having your hip bone out of  place. Not only does that hip hurt, the whole body suffers.  In order for the body to work together in harmony, everyone must take their proper place.   Jesus’ prayer was that we might all become one in unity.  It is crucial that Pastors and lay people alike understand what the gifts are and be able to recognize those gifts in themselves and others.   Then we can become rightly fit together at every joint and supported by the ligaments.



 “Vision, Goal Setting, and Implementing the Plan.

“Without a vision people cast off their restraints…. that is to say that without a clear focus on who you are and where you are called to go one simply wanders aimlessly about.  Like a captain without a compass they have no sense of direction or purpose.  How can you run your race if you have no idea where the finish line is?    You can’t!   That would be like trying to hit a bull’s eye blindfolded.  I have discovered that many people have no clear cut vision for their future.  They have set no goals nor mapped out any plans to take them to their
intended destination.  Therefore they set sail on the sea of life and have no sense of direction or purpose.  Instead of focusing their energy on getting to their destination, they are forced to expend all of their energy just to stay afloat when the storms of life roll in.   You must know your purpose, and you must have a plan if you are going to reach your intended destination.

Developing your Eagle Mentality 

One of my all time favorite books is “Turkeys and Eagles” by Peter Lord.   It is a modern day parable of two baby eagles abandoned by their parents and adopted by turkeys.  The brother and sister eagles did not know that they were eagles and neither did the turkeys that raised them.   They were bound by the expectations and teachings of their adopted parents.  They were taught to eat food that was not appropriate for eagles to eat, be fearful like turkeys, paranoid may be a more appropriate term.  They were told that they must always look down to find food never up, and that they could not fly. How many Christians suffer a similar fate?  Bound by the expectations of others, society, and fear…..

Growing in maturity and in the anointing we can break the yoke of bondage that holds us to the standards of society and others.  Can eagles fly?  You know they can if they only try, they can soar high above the storms in the safety of the heavenlies.   So can you when you develop your own eagle mentality.


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