Topics covered in seminars and workshops include
but are not limited to the following:

Writing A Book , Where to Begin?

I have had many tell me they have a book inside, but don’t know where to begin.  This workshop will help you discover where to put your foot first in the writing world.  We start from the very beginning and discuss the call to write and the essential first step, choosing a topic.  We walk you through the process of:

  • brainstorming your topic choices
  • choosing the topic and title
  • where to get content (bible study outlines, sermon notes, life events, etc.)
  • outlining chapters
  • developing a preliminary table of contents
  • edit, proofreading, and formatting
  • choosing a publisher
  • promotion, marketing, and websites

If you are a pastor with sermon notes or audio recordings, a teacher who develops their own teaching notes, or someone who simply has a story to tell; we can help you get started. You can publish your own book even if you are not a good writer…. that is why we have ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders.  They all come together to get your work into publication and into the reader’s hands.


Wisdom Speaks

Discerning Her Voice in a Noisy World

In the world there are many voices.  Just  think of it, there are the voices of friends, family, neighbors, employers, teachers, and government officials are all vying for our attention.  Noise is everywhere we turn. How can we hear wisdom’s voice when at times we cannot hear our own?

Wisdom shouts in the street, she lifts her voice in the square. Proverbs 1:20

No one sets out in life to fail. No one puts failure on their bucket list. No one wants to be known as a failure. Yet a certain amount of failure is inevitable. Failure is not who we are, but merely an unfortunate situation through which we must walk; it is a circumstance, not an identity. We can choose to make set backs and mistakes a mere stepping stone to a successful and prosperous future.

Wisdom is the key to success. She has a voice.

Wisdom Speaks!

Effective Pastoral Care Ministry in the Local Church (PCM)

Pastoral care ministry benefits the church and its constituency, as well as the team members delivering the care. Personal spiritual growth, corporate body growth and healing for the hurting are just a few of the many benefits that can be gleaned from participation on a pastoral care team.

Topics covered in this teaching are:

  • The definition  and the history of PCM. body ministry,
  •  the benefits of PCM to the local body,
  • how church growth is facililtated by PCM, personal growth and leadership,
  • effective PCM and unity in the church,
  • community outreach,
  • qualifications for members of the PCM team, and much more.

What people are saying about this seminar?

“The result of this training is that it causes church growth by touching the congregation and the community through effective pastoral care.”

Pastor Anthony and Pastor Faye Thomas
Regency Christian Center International,
Care Ministry, Whittier Ca.


Understanding the Gifts of the Trinity

This is of course based upon my book “Treasures of the Heart”  the Gifts of the Trinity.  Some of the  subjects covered in this seminar are:  The Trinity, Spiritual Gifts, 5 Fold-Ministry Gifts, Motivational Gifts, and how the three sets of gifts work together.

Each person is a member of the body and has their place and purpose that benefits the body, but let one person get out of place and watch out!   It can cause problems for everyone, like having your hip bone out of  place. Not only does that hip hurt, the whole body suffers.  In order for the body to work together in harmony, everyone must take their proper place.   Jesus’ prayer was that we might all become one in unity.  It is crucial that Pastors and lay people alike understand what the gifts are and be able to recognize those gifts in themselves and others.   Then we can become rightly fit together at every joint and supported by the ligaments.

Coming Soon!

The Power of Unity

How healthy, mature interpersonal relationships with God and man empower the church.

Based on the book, Power of Unity, to be released mid – late 2018, this teaching expands concepts introduced in Treasures of the Heart.  Understanding spiritual DNA, the anatomy of the church, our gifts; all are just a jumping off point for this teaching.  Healthy relationships and the proper alignment of the church members in the body create a synergistic atmosphere where God’s people can effectively fulfill their mandate upon the earth. Jesus prayed that we all might become one.  It is in unity, empowered by love for one another, that we all become one.  Unity of the body is a grace gift, for it is only by grace in love that we may become one.  Unity is a resource for leaders and pastors alike on effective church government.

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