Unity and Maturity of the Body of Christ

The individual believer must go through a cycle of growth to mature and  fulfill the work God has created them to do.  From new believer to mature disciple makers –see the growth cycle as outlined below.


As mature believers we can then work toward the goal of unity:
“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them,
that they may be one, just as We are one;”
John 17:22  NASV
Becoming one… a seemingly impossible feat in the diverse world we live in today. Nevertheless, it is exactly what Jesus prayed for!  How can so many people from a multitude of different backgrounds hope to come together as one to form the bride of Christ?  As we learn to love and forgive, grow and mature, we draw together to embrace our diversity and the commonality that holds us together which is the love of the Father.  Yes, we are all different; but in Christ we are one.
The work of the church is to expand the Kingdom of God  and to mature the saints in order that the church might fulfill her role as the bride of Christ.  This is done through the collaborative efforts of the gifts as you will of the “Trinity.” The gifts of the Trinity can be classified as three distinctive yet unified parts: Gifts of the Father (motivational/operational), Gifts of the Son (five-fold/administrative), and Gifts of the Spirit (spiritual/empowering).  It is through the collaborative effort of the three distinct gifts groups working together; that the purpose of maturing the saints and preparing the body to become the bride of Christ, is accomplished.
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