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Your Life is a Journey, Will It Be Prosperous One?

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health,  just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2 Where has your journey taken you?  Prosperity is a relative term and it can be defined in a variety of different ways. It may be associated with financial assets.  Or it may be indicative of a prominent career, or a happy and healthy family life.  Others identify prosperity with owning a fancy house with a pool in the backyard and a sports car in the drive.  What do you think?  Is it related to fame, fortune, or notoriety?  What does prosperity look like to you?  The word “prosper” in the Greek refers to having a prosperous and successful journey. As we know, life itself is a journey.  It is a journey we can take with the Lord, or without him.  The choice is ours.  We get to choose how we want to live it. The choices we make directly effect the outcome. Do we take time to consult the Lord?  Or do we plunge ahead on our own?  We know that God has a plan for our journey, and he intends to make it a prosperous one.  […]

Fitting the Puzzle Pieces of Life Into God’s Plan

Plans, purpose, and destiny, hallmark terms used in conjunction with one’s search for significance.  Who am I?   Why did God create me?  What is the ultimate reason God placed me here upon the earth?   What is my assignment?  We often have more questions than answers, especially as new Christians.   While this treasure of truth may appear to be hidden, it is only hidden for a season.  The season will pass, and the truth will be revealed, to those who search for it with diligence. Proverbs 25:2 reads:  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Uncovering God’s plan and purpose for life is vital to fulfilling destiny.   It is the impetus for which we run the race of life.  Running the course and fulfilling the call leads us to the ultimate finish line.  It is our destiny; to cross the line, to finish the race, and hear the words of the Father, “Well done!”    Let us begin the search for truth.  A small child approaches you with a large sack full of various puzzle pieces and drops them at your feet.   He asks, “Can you help me […]

Raising Godly Kids by Kathy Smith

Many wonder how we can possibly hope to raise godly children in a world so full of hate and crime.  The nightly news seems peppered with reports of adults, teenagers, and even children committing heinous acts.  Many would say, “What has this world come to?  When will it end? ” They are alarmed with the magnitude of serious crimes being reported but wonder what can be done.  While we may not be in a position to change the whole world, or even our country, we can do something about the values and character our children see modeled in their own environment.  If we hope to see them become godly men and women, then we have an important role to play. Today we are going to discuss three important steps in cultivating godly character in our children.      Develop godly character and principles in my own life. Model that character to my children and grandchildren. Reinforce and encourage their progress as they become godly men and women. The word “cultivating” brings back memories of farmers with their tractors and plows making tireless trips up and down the expanse of dirt in the fields beside my childhood home, back in Ohio.  Often […]

Health, Hope, and Happiness

Do you remember as a child playing pin the tail on the donkey?   Or blind man’s bluff?  Or try to break the Piñata?  In each case the player is blindfolded and even though the player cannot see, he/she can rely on their instincts and the assistance of a trusted companion to get them where they need to go.  Sometimes we walk through dark places in life, and hope seems illusive.  The proverbial “glass half empty” thought process creeps into our thinking.  If we dwell on negative thoughts they begin to grow and multiply.   Paul knew this, that is why he wrote, “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” (Philippians 4:8 NASB) What we dwell on grows.  Negative thoughts however, bankrupt us of our hope; and when we lose hope, our heart becomes sick.  (Proverbs 13:12)  Paul knew this.  That is why he told us to dwell on the right things… for they too will begin to grow and multiply.  We can choose to focus on the good things and the […]

Mary Did You Know?

A teen named Mary found favor with God. She was a young woman with a bright future and a destiny.  Her parents had promised her to Joseph, a carpenter from Nazareth.  The course for her life was set.  However, those plans were about to be unraveled by one simple act of obedience.  This humble servant, a virgin, agreed to be impregnated with the very seed of God. What price would she pay for the honor of bearing God’s son? The customs and culture of Nazareth in the days when Mary was growing up would have been far different from anything we have experienced today.  A brief look at the historical documentation would suggest that they typically lived in small one or two room homes with dirt floors and flat roofs.    Much of everyday life was lived in a centralized courtyard outside the front door.  Typical tasks such a laundry, cooking, etc. would have been more public than what we experience.  Keeping in mind that everyone probably knew their neighbor’s business creates a whole different picture of what it might be like to live outside the accepted norm of the day.  Unlike today, pregnancy before marriage would definitely not be acceptable.  […]

Building a Secure Life

When I was a small child, I had the unique opportunity of helping, as much as a small child can, in the creation of not one, but three homes.  That is right, my mother and father built not one, but three separate homes for our family. I was an infant when the first one was  built, but the second home saw me through most of my elementary school years. Both homes were on the same rural road, and on the same side of the street. Finally, my parents decided to build a third home.   Of course, that was perhaps out of necessity since my father promised to sell the house we were living in to a co-worker.  I was just a child, so perhaps I do not have the facts straight, but I seem to remember that my mother may have been consulted after the agreement was made.   Nevertheless, the two came into agreement that a third home would be built.   This time, we actually built across the street from the first two houses. With this third home, I witnessed the process of construction, up close and personal.  The securing of the plans, and the pouring of […]

Where is Life Leading You?

  [spider_facebook id=”2″] I was on my way to Wal-Mart one day, but was in unfamiliar territory.   The road I chose after exiting the free-way, brought me to a dead end.  I had a decision to make at that point. I could choose to give up, turn around, and go back home — or I could choose to find another way. I chose to reset my GPS. I drove my car in the direction I wanted to go, and eventually arrived at the point of my desired destination, Wal-Mart. Sometimes we find that the path life has placed us on does not lead to where we wanted.  Knowledge is power.   We can choose to use the knowledge of who we are, and where we want to go, to reset our compass.   Many choose to walk the path of life, trying to make the best of the circumstances surrounding them.   Others choose to take the helm, live life by intention, and make decisions that lead them to their desired destination.  We were all birthed into a predetermined family.  That family may be high functioning, successful, socially adept, high achievers, or not.   It would be easy to simply […]

Has Life Got You Down?

[spider_facebook id=”2″] Perhaps a soaring lesson would help.  A baby eagle, while it is yet young,  is powerless to do anything but ride out the storms.  The baby is too weak and inexperienced to fly, unlike the parents that simply climb higher.   The caption on this picture is abundantly true, there are some things in life you can do nothing about but pray.  I also believe that as we mature in the Lord and have learned  to exercise our faith by reason of use, there is another choice. We can learn how to rise above the circumstances.   That does not mean the problem or situation does not exist, it simply means that we have learned to rise above it.   If you have never flown in a plane, or taken a ride in a hot air ballon, you have missed a marvelous opportunity to change your perspective.   As you rise above the clouds, the things below become smaller and smaller;  and seemingly insignificant. The fact that you have risen above the objects on the ground does not make them any less real, it is merely your perspective that has changed.  As the eagle learns how to fly, […]

Spiritual DNA — Excerpts from message on July 27th

[spider_facebook id=”2″] Authenticity — Decoding Your Spiritual DNA from kathy smith on Vimeo.     The following is an except from a sermon recently shared at the Toledo Tabernacle in Toledo,  Ohio. The message is about becoming the authentic you, the one God created you to become.      What is Spiritual DNA?   The scientific term DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid.  I could tell you that each molecule of your DNA is made up of millions of protein molecules and the protein molecules are organized into some 30,000 genes.  Inside the nucleus of each cell, there are 2 strands of DNA twisted into a double helix,  when at rest these strands lie about loosely within the cell. When it gets ready to reproduce however, the strands coil up to form a tight compact ball known as a chromosome. When the DNA is found in a specific set order, it is referred to as genes.  While all of this technical jargon is quite fascinating to me as a retired nurse… it is not specifically helpful to our understanding of spiritual DNA. What is helpful however is the fact that DNA in a more generalized sense is simply the encapsulated potential of our […]