Building a Secure Life

When I was a small child, I had the unique opportunity of helping, as much as a small child can, in the creation of not one, but three homes.  That is right, my mother and father built not one, but three separate homes for our family. I was an infant when the first one was  built, but the second home saw me through most of my elementary school years. Both homes were on the same rural road, and on the same side of the street. Finally, my parents decided to build a third home.   Of course, that was perhaps out of necessity since my father promised to sell the house we were living in to a co-worker.  I was just a child, so perhaps I do not have the facts straight, but I seem to remember that my mother may have been consulted after the agreement was made.   Nevertheless, the two came into agreement that a third home would be built.   This time, we actually built across the street from the first two houses. With this third home, I witnessed the process of construction, up close and personal.  The securing of the plans, and the pouring of […]

Where is Life Leading You?

  [spider_facebook id=”2″] I was on my way to Wal-Mart one day, but was in unfamiliar territory.   The road I chose after exiting the free-way, brought me to a dead end.  I had a decision to make at that point. I could choose to give up, turn around, and go back home — or I could choose to find another way. I chose to reset my GPS. I drove my car in the direction I wanted to go, and eventually arrived at the point of my desired destination, Wal-Mart. Sometimes we find that the path life has placed us on does not lead to where we wanted.  Knowledge is power.   We can choose to use the knowledge of who we are, and where we want to go, to reset our compass.   Many choose to walk the path of life, trying to make the best of the circumstances surrounding them.   Others choose to take the helm, live life by intention, and make decisions that lead them to their desired destination.  We were all birthed into a predetermined family.  That family may be high functioning, successful, socially adept, high achievers, or not.   It would be easy to simply […]

Has Life Got You Down?

[spider_facebook id=”2″] Perhaps a soaring lesson would help.  A baby eagle, while it is yet young,  is powerless to do anything but ride out the storms.  The baby is too weak and inexperienced to fly, unlike the parents that simply climb higher.   The caption on this picture is abundantly true, there are some things in life you can do nothing about but pray.  I also believe that as we mature in the Lord and have learned  to exercise our faith by reason of use, there is another choice. We can learn how to rise above the circumstances.   That does not mean the problem or situation does not exist, it simply means that we have learned to rise above it.   If you have never flown in a plane, or taken a ride in a hot air ballon, you have missed a marvelous opportunity to change your perspective.   As you rise above the clouds, the things below become smaller and smaller;  and seemingly insignificant. The fact that you have risen above the objects on the ground does not make them any less real, it is merely your perspective that has changed.  As the eagle learns how to fly, […]

Spiritual DNA — Excerpts from message on July 27th

[spider_facebook id=”2″] Authenticity — Decoding Your Spiritual DNA from kathy smith on Vimeo.     The following is an except from a sermon recently shared at the Toledo Tabernacle in Toledo,  Ohio. The message is about becoming the authentic you, the one God created you to become.      What is Spiritual DNA?   The scientific term DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid.  I could tell you that each molecule of your DNA is made up of millions of protein molecules and the protein molecules are organized into some 30,000 genes.  Inside the nucleus of each cell, there are 2 strands of DNA twisted into a double helix,  when at rest these strands lie about loosely within the cell. When it gets ready to reproduce however, the strands coil up to form a tight compact ball known as a chromosome. When the DNA is found in a specific set order, it is referred to as genes.  While all of this technical jargon is quite fascinating to me as a retired nurse… it is not specifically helpful to our understanding of spiritual DNA. What is helpful however is the fact that DNA in a more generalized sense is simply the encapsulated potential of our […]

We Are Knit Together

[spider_facebook id=”2″] “For you created my inmost being;   you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13 NIV Not only did he form us, knitting us together in the womb, he also put us together as individual members in the body of Christ.  1 Corinthians 12:18 says, “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.”  He places us in the body in accordance to his plan and purpose for our life, but also according to the plan and purpose of the body as a whole.  Where would we be if we all tried to be a toe, or an ear, or a hand.   Yet there are many members and we are not all the same. Colossians 2:2 that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself. We Have Been Knit Together as the Body of Christ. I reminisced this morning over what our pastor said last night, our DNA makes a distinct sound, a sound all our own.   Just as distinct and unique as our fingerprint.  I opened my bible and turned […]

God did it again….. another divine appointment in the air.

[spider_facebook id=”2″] I got on the plane this time, almost in anticipation of what God would do…. It seems on almost every trip I take, God has a divine encounter of some sort or another. I was not disappointed. I flew from Seattle to Denver and nothing remarkable happened. I got some sleep and ran off one plane knowing I was late for the next connect only to hear them announcing my name over the loud speaker. I ran from one gate to another, not a good thing. A small piece of peanut became lodged in my throat and I coughed continuously for 30 min. I am certain the folks seated around me were thrilled, one even handed me a cough drop. The ladies on either side of me were friendly and we conversed the whole trip. Nothing remarkable, one who was probably in her 70’s and was going to stay with her sister in NC as she was about to undergo open heart surgery. The other one, about my age, was coming from Oceanside, CA. As we discussed where we had been and where we were going, the three of us had a lot in common. Both of them […]

Becoming the Leaven in the Bread Dough

How can Christian writers influence both the Christian and the Non-Christian markets at the same time? [spider_facebook id=”2″] Recently a friend questioned me regarding my book, “A Treasure of the Heart.”    She asked me, “Kathy, why don’t you rewrite your book taking the Christianese out of it and making it into a concept that you can present to employers, CEO’s, and other business professionals as well as Christian leaders and Pastors?  Present the same concepts but do so in such a manner that even the CEO’s of the major companies would find it beneficial to promote with their managers and employees as well?  It will become more marketable because you are not limiting your audience to Christians.”   I immediately said to her, “How can I present Motivational gifts in a non-Christian manner? The whole concept is Christian in nature.” I thought the concept was dead in the water and had dismissed it, but this morning I opened a Michael Hyatt update and he was promoting this book from some fellows who got their start doing Gallop Polls.  They have written a book and a sequel about focusing on your strengths and have even devised a test to take that will […]

Are You Pregnant With A Dream?

Do Not Abort Your Baby, Be Still And Know That I Am God! By Kathy Smith [spider_facebook id=”2″] I listened to TD Jakes the other night as well as some others, and what they said began to stir something in my own spirit …. …  God began to speak a message to me as well. Mary, the mother of Jesus was unafraid to accept the consequences of the call God had placed upon her life… think about it!  She was asked to step out of the box of what was accepted and normal and do something for God that would no doubt create criticism from all around her, if only they knew. A teenager pregnant with child, immaculate conception?   Most would have laughed and mocked her.  Those who did know of Jesus impending birth sought to kill him, namely Herod the King.  Herod perceived the baby as a threat to him and his kingdom,  therefore he sought to kill him. When one becomes pregnant with the expectation and purpose of God, it will not make everyone around you happy.  In fact, there will be dream killers seeking to abort the baby before it is born.  So, when the dream […]

Pass the Salt

[spider_facebook id=”2″] The Thanksgiving holiday is sadly behind us.  Anticipation of Christmas Day can be seen everywhere we look, in the store fronts, in the commercials on TV, and even on the faces of children; both young and old alike.  Letters to write to Santa, gifts to buy and wrap, and of course, the decorating of the tree, all of this accomplished within the coming month and before the toll of the bell announcing the coming of the brand New Year.   Sadly the holiday will come and go once again, only to be followed by the approaching of yet another New Year. The year, 2012 is already appearing on the horizon, awaiting the time of its arrival just a few short weeks away. Many will write their New Year’s resolutions; others will choose to begin the year with a fast.  Why?  For some, 2011 is a year that they are grateful has finally ended.  For others, 2012 is laced with anticipation of what God will do next, in the coming New Year.   The hope for a better tomorrow is truly the gift of God in the person of Jesus Christ.  He is our hope and glory. He truly is God’s […]

Fresh is Best

[spider_facebook id=”2″] I love fresh things:  the smell of fresh linens that have been hung on the line to dry.  Fresh cut flowers, I like roses; and the aroma of fresh baked cookies or even bread, the smell of the fresh air on the Carolina green ways.  You know, it just seems as though fresh is always the best. When I awakened this morning, I felt as though God were speaking directly me, to my heart… father to daughter.    It was a fresh word, for a fresh day. Since I wanted to bring you something fresh as well, I thought I would share with you what he gave to me.  I hope somewhere along the way as I read you, will find something that ministers to you just as much as it did to me. If God had put it in a letter, this is what he would have said: Good morning my daughter, Do you feel refreshed?  Do you feel renewed?  The night is long since spent, and it is the dawn of a fresh new day.  My love and my peace, they are with you as always, as is my grace. Even my mercy has been made fresh, by […]